Daughter of Her Own Mother

Director and choreographer: Iga Załęczna
Screenplay: Kamila Wołoszyn-Moroz, Iga Załęczna
Multimedia: Maria Porzyc
Music: Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Anna Krzysztofiak
Premiere: 18.08.2012, AOIA, Lodz


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The performance is based on the basis of Marguerite Duras’ Lover and North China Lover. It is an attempt to look into the nature of the woman: the unchangeable, basic nature, material, but usually suppressed and forgotten. To what extent is it an inseparable part of every woman, and to what extent is it constituted in the process of creating relations with other people, with time and space, and with one’s own imaginary double.

Using Duras’ expressive imagery and the stories of her lovers and disquieting characters of her novels, Iga Załęczna scrutinizes the process in which a woman reaches the truth about herself. This process is often drowned in illusion, fantasy, or just imagination, and its end is often rather blurred.

For Duras, the image of a woman emerges in the process of writing, which in her case, is full of special emotions. These emotions are “very subtle and very deep, very physical, and very basic, unpredictable. It is thanks to them that life can emerge in the body. This is what writing is. It is a record that goes through your body, permeates it. This is a starting point for talking about almost unspeakable emotions which are strange to us, yet suddenly overwhelm us totally.”


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