Pokaz filmu "Cześć"

Screening of the film "Cześć"

Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Film "Cześć" created by Rami Shaya / Tutajproduction in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz.

date: 6.03.2020 (Friday)
time: 19:00
place: Stage in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz
admission is free


Hands up who hasn't seen "CZEŚĆ"! Hands up who wants to see it again! There will be a second screening on Friday, the 6th of March at 19:00 in the beautiful space of Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz. Come and watch the story about love, language and LODZ.  It is free and open to all who love or hate this city, or those who're still not sure about it. :)

Hope to see you there,

Rami Shaya/ Tutajproduction.com


Cześć! Do you speak Polish? When and why did you come to Łódź? And how does it feel to be a foreigner in this city?
Those are some of the questions I asked Elina, Johanna, Carlos, Shahzad, James and many others...

The project was founded in 2019 by Łódź City Council part of the program, 'Art scholarship' by The Mayor of Łódź City.

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