Warsztat "Inspire by Fighting Monkey"

Workshops "Inspire by Fighting Monkey"

CHOREA Theatre

We invite You to open workshop "Inspire by Fighting Monkey" lead by Natalia Pieczuro.

date: 10.05.2019 (Friday)
hour: 10:00-14:00
place: Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz
cost: 140 PLN / 35 Euro
registration: chorea.warsztaty@gamil.com

An open workshop serves as a basic platform for the Fighting Monkey Practice: it’s an overall introduction to the qualities and ideas that have been developed over the last 15 years of Fighting Monkey research. This workshop is open for dancers, circus people, actors and all movers: anyone interested in human evolution. There are no restrictions or prerequisites, in terms of former experience and background. 

The work is totally based on Fighting Monkey practice and dedicated to strengthening and elaborating your partnering skills - in other words: your "communication skills". Working with the partner will bring so precious irregularity in the training; will influence our behavior, the diversity of qualities, tempo and rhythm of our movement.

Through partnering work - “movement situations”, coordination, work with tools, injury prevention and "being", we will work on strengthening the focus and the awareness - strengthening of the whole system.

We will break the patterns, learn new patterns and try to find our wings. We will question how can one learn as much as he can and want? How can one be open to the "new" and still be well rooted?

Natalia Pieczuro - born in Wild East; dancer, performer, teacher. Believes that reality is ultimately timeless and in the logic of the universe. Often named: dancer, performer and teacher. Rooted herself with FM practice, studies of anthropology of culture at University of Warsaw and dance in SEAD, where she graduated with a double diploma in choreography and performing. For the last 13 years she has been walking the Fighting Monkey path which gave an axis to her teaching and her life. Motivated by an urge for movement as a consequence of being alive and an endless willing to share, her teaching reaches dancers, actors, circus, and sports people, and all the movers. Currently busy with: Fighting Monkey practice and teaching, TCM studies, stillness, awakening of the archetypes together with CHVE (collaboration: “This Kind Of Bird Flies Backwards”) and last but not least - searching for mindful shapelessness under the gaze of Lisbeth Gruwez in the “The Sea Within”.


CHOREA Theatre accepts the applications to the workshops until the 26th April 2019, to the e-mail address: chorea.warsztaty@gmail.com.

The cost of participation the workshops is 140 PLN / 35 Euro.
This is a full workshop fee and cannot be reduced depending on the lesser number of workshop hours in which the participant took part.

Payment should be made to Alior Bank: 95 2490 0005 0000 4530 5405 9285 (Swift code: ALBPPLDW).
The title of the transfer must include the name of the participant and the workshops title.

Full payment for participation in the workshops must be recorded on the bank account of the CHOREA Theatre within 5 days after the organizer sends a return e-mail confirming the participant's entry to the workshop. If payment is not recorded within the above deadline, the reservation is canceled.
CHOREA Theatre will inform the participant about receiving the payment by e-mail, and will confirm the attendance to the workshops.
The organizer may issue a VAT invoice. 

CHOREA Theatre will return the payment to the sender's account if the participant resigns before the 10th April 2019.
Resignation reported after 10th April 2019 means that the participant can not recover his payment.

On 26th April 2019, CHOREA Theatre will send e-mails to all participants, informing whether a workshop group has been created.
If the optimum number of participants will not be collected, the workshop will be canceled and all payments will be returned to the sender's accounts.
The organizer has the right to cancel the workshops for reasons beyond his control at a later date. In that case all payments will be returned to the sender's accounts.

Each participant will take part in the workshops at his/her own responsibility.
Each participant should have up-to-date insurance against accidents.
In case of any accident CHOREA Theatre is not responsible.

The workshops will be conducted in Polish and English.

Making a payment is unequivocal with the acceptance of terms and conditions of the above regulations.


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