OTWARTE WARSZTATY dla niewidomych i słabowidzących

Open Workshops for blind and visually-impaired youth

Fabryka Sztuki

Open theatre, movement, dance and music workshops for blind and visually-impaired young people in terms of the project "Art-impulses".

15.09.2014, h. 17 -20 - movement workshops
16.09.2014, h. 17 -20 - movement workshops
17.09.2014, h. 17 -20 - movement workshops
18.09.2014, h. 17 -20 - movement workshops

The main aim of the workshops is to develop body awareness of the participants, to improve their orientation in space, and to teach them techniques of free and smooth motion, to give them selfconfidence and trust by working with others and working in the group. The workshop activities include methods of intensive development of the whole body and voice, and creative improvisation techniques.

Through workshops based on working with the body, voice and partner, young people overcame their barriers and limitations, and they are breaking the stereotypes associated with functioning of the blind and visually impaired people in the society. 

"Art-Impulses" project is financed from the programe "Młodzi niepełnosprawni - sprawni z PZU".
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