Spektakl "Deadline" Studium Teatralnego / Perspektywy 2017

Performance "Deadline" / Perspektywy Festival

Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Performance “Deadline” Stadium Teatralne from Warsaw at Perspektywy Festival 2017: Theatre – the avant-garde in action

date: 14 May 2017 (Sunday)
hour: 7 PM / 19:00
venue: Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki in Łodzi
tickets: PLN 20 reduced / PLN 30 normal
via email: teatrchorea@gmail.com
via telephone: +48 506 103 207 (Monday-Friday, NOON – 5 PM / 12:00-17:00)
The show is in English with Polish subtitles.


Show: "Deadline"
Creators: Studium Teatralne / Warsaw
Director: Piotr Borowski
Cast: Danny Kearns, Magda Czarny
Music: Małgorzata Gąsiorowska
Costumes: Karina Piwowarska
Video: Adrien Cognac
Production: Gianna Benvenuto
The show is in English, with subtitles

It is a story of two people living in different times: present, future and suspended, as if timeless one. 

The first part is the time of disintegration – last half an hour of life of a well-known comedian, who donated his DNA in the expectation of a rebirth. For 30 minutes he is recording a commentary on his biography for his successor, the clone, to ensure the continuity of the memory, identity. 
His stories, analysis, examination of conscience or confession are in view of an inevitable termination. The character’s life may be called ordinary: the ambition, craving for recognition, success at any cost, permanent sexual desire. The sincerity is the actual value of what he says and this honesty makes this character almost likable. 

The second part is the time of drought. 
Two thousand years have passed. The character is the 24th clone of the original one. In the post-nuclear world, the number of people has dramatically declined due to mass deaths occurring in the irradiated atmosphere. 
Clones are strong and healthy. They live in a complete isolation, from both human and each other. There is no more love, no more sex. Clones believe that by such asceticism they make possible the arrival of the Future entities which are to be one virtual consciousness. 

The third part is the time of dampness.
At last, the character is heard and founds the answer to the basic question which appears in each of the three parts: what is love?


Studium Teatralne is one of the leading theatre groups of Poland's avant-garde theatre. It was originally set up in 1996 by Piotr Borowski, who had played a part in many experimental productions over the years and who was a former collaborator of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. Studium Teatralne has performed many times at festivals in Poland and abroad, among others in: USA, Sweden, Belarus, Italy, Venezuela, Switzerland, England, Russia, Croatia, Germany, France, Moldova, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia.






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