Koncert "Lulabajki" w Wytwórni

Concert 'Lullabies' in Wytwornia

Wytwórnia, 29 Łąkowa Street, Lodz

We want to invite for our beautiful concert 'LULLABIES' in fantastic new version! 

date: 19.06.2016 (Sunday)
time: 18:00
place: Wytwórnia, 29 Łąkowa Street, Lodz

tickets: www.wytwornia.pl

information: http://www.wytwornia.pl/o-nas/wytwornia-1/repertuar-2/repertuar-3/lulabajki

CHOREA Theatre invites to an amazing musical show 'Lulabajki' / 'Lullabies' in a new version! Wonderful new guest-vocalists will sing with us: Natalia Grosiak, Rogucki Piotr and Krzysztof Zalewski. There will be new musicians! We will perform songs from our latest musical album "Lulabajki." They will be spectacular visuals, cushions and a special kids zone on the stage!

June is a month in which we have beautiful occasions to celebrate: Children's Day, Father's Day, First Day of Summer. 'Lullabies' are a great gift and a surprise for all June occasions!



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