Drugi pokaz pracy grupy TAKE OVER

TAKE OVER - Event Two

Art_Inkubator in Art Factory

Take Over group invites to their second production.

when: 21.05.2016 at 7:00 pm
where: Art_Inkubator in the Art Factory in Łódź, 3 Tymienieckiego Street
tickets: 5 pln
reservation: chorea.warsztaty@gmail.com 

Project „Take Over: Seeing young audiences through young people’s eyes” is an international and educational project of CHOREA Theatre, directed to women and men aged 18-28. It has been carried out with Kolarac Foundation (Serbia), Bios-exploring urban culture (Greece), Teatro delle Limonia (Italy) from 2014 to 2017 in the partnership with British Council within the programme of the European Commission - „Creative Europe“. The keynote of the project is gaining an audience. Young participators of the project will prepare an artistic event in the areas of dance, music and theatre in two years. It will be a reflection of desires, changes, and aspirations of contemporary young generation, connected with the broad notion of culture. The entire event will be invented, designed and produced by the young, and directed at their peers. Although Take over, a theatre by the young, has a purpose of keeping current audience, most importantly, it's aimed at getting new, young receivers of CHOREA Theatre

More information on: www.takeover.chorea.com.pl

TAKE OVER // second production // description

System is like an inextricable labyrinth. When trying to find a man inside of it, one comes across a human being hunched under a protection layer of mechanical conducts, sprockets and facades that he takes on an everyday basis. Basic needs disappear being overloaded by the information that is coming from all directions. Our instincts have been trampled. Nowadays we are seeking balance between being mechanical and vivid, and sensitive. We are struggling with system, that has dragged us so hard that it changed the shape and boundaries of human being. How not to get mechanical? Answer /Not Found/


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