Warsztaty "Dance Karaoke"

Dance Karaoke Workshops

Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz

Dance Karaoke Workshops

date: 23-25.10.2015
23 October, hour: 18.00 - 21.00
24-25 October, hour: 12.00 - 15.00
place: Art_Inkubator in Art Fatory in Lodz
leader: Tomasz Ciesielski
cost: 5 pln
reservation: warsztaty@fabrykasztuki.org

Karaoke Dance Workshopa are a new form of well-known game, where instead of singing someone else's songs, participants are dancing someone 's choreography, or playing someone else's dance scene. It is an attempt to challenge the division between stage and audience, playing with mirror neurons and truly embodying the reception of dance theatre in spontaneous group action.
On each day of the workshop we will create new versions of the greatest performances in the history of dance theater. Ballet, contemporary dance, physical theater, Tanztheater, etc. Anything can become material for our experiment, fun and work.

Tomasz Ciesielski - Performer, dancer, theatre researcher. Since 2009 cooperates with Chorea Theatre. (Performances: "Roosters, badgers and other Goats" and "Oratorium Dance Project"). Since 2011 cooperates with Granhoj Dans Theatre form Denmark (Performances: "Men & Mahler" and "The Rite of Spring Extended" directed by Palle Granhøj). Creator and director of "Sense - action" performance, presented in Poland and USA. Graduate of Interdepartmental Studies in the Humanities at the University of Lodz, where he realized an individual study program focused on anthropology of dance and theatre. Author of publication „Taneczny umysł. Teatr ruchu i tańca w perspektywie neurokognitywistycznej”, (first in Poland thematic monography). Participated in many international projects (in Poland, France, UK) focused on possibilities of using neurological knowledge in the study of dance.

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